Thursday 23 February 2017

The socks of doom...

...are no longer doomed!

I've mentioned my 'socks of doom' several times on the blog. These socks were so unassuming when I started them, but have suffered many set-backs along the way: I had tension problems; they stubbornly refused to grow; they destroyed a pair of needles; they're not quite identical. But they are now done! And by some miracle they didn't leak dye when I washed them.

The socks are destined for Nikki, a podcaster (go check it out, it's lovely) who I met in real life last year, for her birthday. I'm now just hoping that Royal Mail manage to deliver them successfully...

The socks were knitted in Sirdar Heart and Sole, in the colourway Hip Hop, which is discontinued. Other colourways are available here.

When Nikki saw the yarn she said it looks like a My Little Pony. It really does!

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