Thursday 2 February 2017


The curse of the striped socks strikes again: last night I took them out of their bag to work a stripe on them and one needle had snapped clean off at the join.

These socks have been sent to try me - I have cast them on twice, used two sets of needles on them, and I dug a hole in my finger with the needles. They are trying their hardest not to be finished.

I'm certain this pair of needles is one that I have fixed before (with super glue) when the cable slipped out of its casing. But they are now destined for the bin, and that might be it for me and wooden sock needles - I need my needles to stand up to whatever it is I'm throwing at them.

Last night I ordered two new sets of needles, both Addis, 2mm with 100cm cables. They're what I've been happily (enough) using on another pair of socks: they don't break while I'm using them and I can consistently get gauge with them (though the cable joins do seem to adopt rather a right angle with use; it's possible that's just my knitting style though). I didn't even add any sock yarn to my order! And I will finish these socks.
Yes, apparently the needles were broken earlier in the week and I didn't notice!
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  1. Those socks are cursed! :) Waiting for the next installment...
    I tried some KnitPro zing needles recently - lovely to use. And metal, so...hardwearing?