Tuesday, 24 May 2022

WIPs, KAL Qs and don't forget the sale!

How are you? I feel like I've been a bit quiet recently between a shoulder injury, which made knitting rather painful (I'm on the mend, I just have to take things slowly), and commission WIPs that I haven't been able to share, but I am still here! Even though knitting is my job, it's also my hobby, and I've been knitting lots of gift socks recently, which has been a lot of fun - my sock drawer is overflowing, so I've decided that this is the year of gift-socks! Here's the latest pair, knitted in Felici and destined to be dropped off with my friend very soon.

While I can't share my work WIPs yet, I can give you a little hint: there are a lot of ends! The final piece will be in Knit Now later this year, and I'm really pleased with how it's working up.

I am planning a KAL for later in the year, and would love your input: I've put together a few questions so that I can create a KAL that works for as many people as possible, so would be grateful if you could fill out this survey. I'll leave it open until the end of the month a should only take you a few minutes to complete.

While I'm here, don't forget that I have put together a selection of 8 sock patterns that are perfect for Spring for you to check out. As an extra incentive, they have 15% off until the end of the month with the code SPRING. You have until 11.59pm BST, May 31st 2022. You can find the patterns here.


Monday, 4 April 2022

8 sock patterns to cast on this Spring

Which season is your favourite? Mine is absolutely, without a doubt, Spring. I love to see the world come back to life after being dormant all Winter: spring bulbs, blossom, new leaves, and baby lambs. My wardrobe changes too: gone are darker colours, heavy jumpers, boots and layers, and I embrace dresses, brighter colours, lace and lightweight cardigans.

Do handmade socks have a place in my Spring wardrobe? Yes they do! I make all my socks from wool-blend yarns, and wool is an excellent temperature regulator, keeping my feet warm in Winter and cool when the weather warms up. I save my lace socks for Spring and Summer – the holes add a little extra ventilation and help to keep my feet at just the right temperature!

Are you looking for the perfect Spring sock project? Look no further. Here are 8 pattern suggestions from my back catalogue that would make perfect Spring socks.

Pick up any of these patterns between now and the end of May 2022, and you can get 15% off with the code SPRING (ends 11.59pm BST, Tuesday 31st May 2022, applies on both PayHip and Ravelry).


Three Sirens Socks

A striking pattern that really makes the most of variegated yarns. The slipped stitch cable pattern sits on top of a reverse stocking stitch background, making it stand out. I knitted the sample over an Easter weekend in a pale pastel with a little bit of sparkle.

Three Sirens Socks on Ravelry*

Three Sirens Socks on PayHip


Seed Head Socks

What’s my favourite part of Spring? It’s seeing those first blooms appear. The Seed Head Socks are a celebration of those blooms: as you knit them you’ll love seeing those tiny flowers growing off the central stem.

Seed Head Socks on Ravelry*

Seed Head Socks on PayHip


Hiding in the Bamboo

Looking for a project that’s simple enough to work on while you’re out and about? Hiding in the Bamboo is a lovely simple top-down sock pattern with a pattern that is easy to memorise, making it perfect for knitting while out of the house. The socks will also fit really well because they’re ribbed all over.

Hiding in the Bamboo on Ravelry*

Hiding in the Bamboo on PayHip


Effie and Bobby Socks

Want add a little playful charm to your socks? Why not add a frill? The Effie and Bobby Socks do just that! They’re simple top down socks with a frill knitted into the cuff. The Effie Socks are solid, while the Bobby Socks feature an all-over lace pattern. Perfect for summer picnics!

Effie Socks on Ravelry*

Effie Socks on PayHip


Bobby Socks on Ravelry*

Bobby Socks on PayHip


Knit Night Collection

I designed this collection to honour three of my favourite knitting friends. All three socks feature intuitive lace patterns that are perfect for out and about knitting. The bright colours make me think of Spring blooms.

Knit Night Collection on Ravelry*

Knit Night Collection on PayHip


Sara Elin Socks

A pop of pink is just perfect for a Spring day! The Sara Elin Socks feature a strong diagonal lace pattern that is intuitive to knit, especially once you get to the leg.

Sara Elin Socks on Ravelry*

Sara Elin Socks on PayHip


Amy Socks

This lace pattern creates a gorgeous ripple effect. Hard to believe it’s just decreases and yarnovers!

Amy Socks on Ravelry*

Amy Socks on PayHip


Lynda Socks

The socks that inspired the Knit Night Collection. Named after my friend Lynda who first encouraged me to knit socks.

Lynda Socks on Ravelry*

Lynda Socks on PayHip

Pick up any of these patterns between now and the end of May 2022, and you can get 15% off with the code SPRING (ends 11.59pm BST, Tuesday 31st May 2022, applies on both PayHip and Ravelry).

*Ravelry link. May affect people with photosensitivity. Proceed with caution.


Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Hazel in Caramel socks - smooth knitting with a little bit extra

The final pattern in my DK Selection-Box of Socks ebook is here!

The Hazel in Caramel Socks are smooth with a little bit of crunch! Something a bit more interesting than plain chocolate, but still nice and straightforward. These socks take step away from simple knits and purls… what happens if we add some yarnovers? No, I’m not adding lace to these socks, the fourth instalment of the DK Selection-Box of Socks eBook, instead I’m using yarnovers to create some extra texture and a little bit of interest while you’re knitting. The other great thing about adding a simple texture is that it makes it much easier to count how many rounds you’ve worked!

The socks are knitted from the top down, with a heel-flap and gusset construction. They have an all-over textured pattern on the leg, with the textured pattern continuing into the heel flap and the top of the foot. The sole of the sock is knitted in plain stocking stitch. Never knitted socks before? No worries - this pattern contains enough details that even an adventurous beginner will be able to successfully knit a pair of socks.

Got big feet to knit for? Or maybe tiny ones? The Hazel in Caramel Socks are written in sizes to fit the whole family [ten sizes, in circumferences from 8.5 cm (3.5 in) to 28 cm (11.25 in)]. If you have an especially knitworthy family to knit for, you could make a full set of matching socks!

The sample socks are knitted in a wool blend DK with 25% nylon, which makes the yarn stronger and increases its lifespan. If you’re knitting for someone extra-special, why not see if your favourite indie dyer has a wool/nylon DK weight yarn that you could try as a treat to yourself? New to choosing DK weight sock yarns? Check out this blog post.

Ready to get a copy? You can pick yours up on Ravelry and PayHip. Check out this page for links.

Already know you love DK weight socks? Why not get the whole DK Selection-Box of Socks ebook? You can find that here.