Wednesday 7 December 2016

#GAL2016: Meet Doreen Blask

The Indie Design GAL is ongoing on Ravelry, with the knit and crochet along portion already boasting over 600 finshed objects. If you'd like to join in, head over to the Ravelry group.* Today I'm bringing you an interview with Doreen Blask, a fellow GAL designer.


Doreen Blask is a knitwear designer who specialises in quirky accessories and toy designs. Her designs are bright and bold, with a bit of a sense of humour. I love her Hot Air Balloons Mobile, and Sally the Squirrel is really cute! She also has designs for several uniquely styled pairs of mitts; her Pointy Mitts and Black and White Mitts look really unusual and striking.

Top to bottom: Hot Air Balloons Mobile, Sally the Squirrel, Pointy Mitts, Black and White Mitts. All images copyright Doreen Blask.

When did you learn to knit? 

My mom taught me the basics when I was 5 or 6 years old. I haven’t stopped since.

How did you getting into designing and pattern writing?

Before my first nephew was born, more than ten years ago, I wanted to make something special for him, as I had a handmade cat that I got from my aunt when I was born. But I just couldn’t find patterns that were cute, easy, AND didn’t require an awful lot of sewing (I HATE sewing). So I made up my own pattern and got hooked :)

What designs do you have in the pipeline?

I’m working on a new baby mobile design for a yarnie-designer-cooperation with a dyer from Australia and I also have two new shawl ideas.

What’s your favourite knitting technique?

Knitting in the round and German short rows :)

What knitting techniques would you like to try in 2017?

I always wanted to try double knitting and hope I can bring myself to do it next year!

Which other GAL designers have caught your eye?

Loli Fox Design with her quirky mini knits and Slate Falls Press with the cutest kids patterns ever!

Henry's Letter Sweater, image copyright Slate Falls Press

Do you knit Christmas gifts? What are your favourite gift knits?

I make almost all my gifts myself. I knit some, but I also do photography. I love unique gifts and am lucky to have friends and family who never get tired of toys and knitted love :)

Doreen can be found on Ravelry as Mrsmumpitz, blogging at, on Facebook, and on Pinterest.


*Note that you will have to signed in to Ravelry for this link to work. Joining Ravelry is free and Ravelry is an excellent resource for knitters and crocheters.

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