Tuesday 27 December 2016

Boxing Day (or a-sock-in-a-day day)

Happy Christmas, I hope you all had a good one! We had a chaotic day of present opening and food eating. An excellent day! I only received one ball of yarn, which was a bit of a relief as I already have rather a lot (and still haven't used all the yarn from last Christmas), and that was from a Secret Santa that mandated the inclusion of yarn (knitters are good at Secret Santa, and Secret Santa between knitters often becomes something of a yarn swap). The yarn is Regia Pairfect, which had been on my wish list for a while - it's designed to make it easy to knit two identical socks (there are yellow starter threads to show you where to start your socks, and the yarn changes when you have to knit the heel) - and was on the needles by the end of Christmas Day once the kids were in bed.

The day after Christmas is a bank holiday in the UK, and is called Boxing Day. The kids were happily entertained with their new toys, and we had no other plans, so I spent much of the day sitting and knitting. So much so that I managed to knit a sock in under 24 hours, which has never happened before! The yarn is standard Regia, nothing luxurious, but nice enough to work with, and the socks will wear really well (the yarn has a 10-year guarantee); I found the stripes really motivational as I raced through the socks.

Today has been a little busier, with the kids not quite so intent on enjoying their gifts, and other things have needed doing (like laundry, there's always laundry!), so sock progress has been rather slower today: I am still on the ribbing! I will get through them by New Year though, then they're going in the present box - I have size 10 feet, which handily matches a lot of other people I know - I am definitely going to be ahead of the game for next Christmas!

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