Saturday 3 December 2016

Christmas countdown 2016: Days two and three

Welcome to days two and three of my Christmas countdown 2016!

Day two

Yesterday the advent calendars offered up some more yarn (obviously), I particularly like the one from the Opal advent calendar, pink and the turquoise end of blue is one of my favourite colour combinations. And I have managed to stay on top of the square knitting. Not that I'm using the whole of each ball from either sock yarn advent calendar, which means I'll still be adding yarn from them to the sock yarn blanket well into the new year. I still haven't decided what I'm doing with the Paintbox Yarns calendar, but I think I might try knitting a wreath around a polystyrene ring, maybe.

I'm certain I won't keep up with two squares a day, especially as I have Christmas gifts that I haven't even cast on (and the recipients know about them, so I can't not make them), but I should be able to manage one. I'm also hoping to knit a hat for the Giftalong, using something from my stash, but that might not happen until after Christmas.

We went to Durham Christmas Market yesterday, as Friday is always the quietest day, but it was more stressful than festive as it was already busy, and I couldn't find parking close enough to town to make it to our swimming lesson on time, and I was a little annoyed at missing it. I did manage to pick up our Christmas pudding, from Proof of the Pudding; my husband loves Christmas pudding, and this one is his favourite, so all was not lost.

I was also very lucky to receive some mini skeins from Mothy and the Squid in the post yesterday as an early Christmas gift.* I am in love with the green one; I might have to send in a request for a custom order after Christmas. The skeins will be added to my sock yarn blanket, but not until after Christmas (and by the 25th I might not want to do anything on the blanket for a bit, so possibly not until Spring!).

The other thing I found yesterday was my stash of books I'd been saving for Christmas. As you can see, they are defintiely top-quality literature, but I couldn't resist the combination of Christmas and knitting. I'll let you know how I get on with them.

Day three

Today we went to see Santa, so I was very relieved to get my son's Rudi jumper finished. This is now the largest size, and it should fit for the next couple of years, but I might need to revisit the pattern over the next 12 months and add a few larger and smaller sizes, I might even go as big as adult size, if there's enough demand (or I decide I want one; at least I'll only have to knit it once and be able to wear it for years!).

And here are today's treats from behind the advent calendar doors. My son helped me open them today as he asked very nicely last night if he could help.

Hope everyone has had a good couple of days, and I'll be back in a day or two to continue with my Christmas countdown.

*The skeins were donated to me for free; any opinions given are my own.


  1. You're doing better than me on the Paintbos yarns advent calendar. I was given one as a gift and my friend who gzve it to me was a little dismayed that the first door had a white ball. ('It's not even a colour!!') Day 2 was baby blue, and day 3 today was light grey!
    I'm thinking of crocheting a bag with it, once I have some brighter colours!!

    1. What a lovely gift! But boo to white! At least you could use that as snow, although that is a finishing off thing rather than the beginnings of something. I love the green, and I think the beige and dark red would make a cute Christmas jumper ornament (I need to go through the Yarn Harlot blog to find the pattern again, I'm sure it was there that I saw what I have in my head). You will get some brighter colours soon, I hope!

  2. YES to an adult sized Rudi jumper! Not that I'd ever make one (I have a headache just thinking about making garments for anyone over about 6m when sizing actually becomes important) but I'm sure there's a market out there!

    1. I want it to happen. I have asked Santa for a 25 hour day...