Wednesday 28 June 2017

Yarning Along: Baby steps

This week's Yarning Along has an air of familiarity: the socks I showed last week are still on the needles. I had really hoped I would have these done by today, but to no avail, mostly because I was paying precisely no attention while I was working on the heel at knit night on Monday and somehow did the first half twice, ending up with something strange and misshapen where the heel should be. The sock is now back on track, but not quite done. I'm really hoping I can get the final few stripes finished today, as I have a little boy who is very much looking forward to wearing them.

As a change from The Lake House and The Careful Use of Compliments (both of which are still ongoing, I have finally got into The Lake House and really want to know what happens, but far too many other things have had to take priority and I haven't managed to fit in the couple of evenings' reading that the book needs), this week's book is the Diet Doodle Diary. As the name suggests, this is a diet and exercise tracking book, which I picked up yesterday in the general hope it might act as an aid for some healthy eating and a bit of weight loss (most of my summer clothes are rather more snug than I would like; it turns out knitting for a living is not conducive to exercise) - I have a couple of stone to lose, and the book is friendly and fun, so might help! The best bit about the book is that you can remove the dust jacket and you're left with something that looks like a standard notebook.

What have you been crafting and reading this week?

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  1. The journal looks useful, good luck with achieving your goals.