Wednesday 26 April 2017

Yarning along: Stop the bus, I'd like to get off

Rachell over at The Little Room of Rachell has started up Yarning Along to replace the Yarn Along that was run by Ginny until a few weeks ago; every week Rachelle will be sharing her current work in progress and whatever she is reading, and I thought I'd join in.

This week has been racing by. The Easter holidays are over, and the kids are back to their usual routine, but I still seem to have far too much to do. Most of my knitting is for deadlines (which are looming - May starts next week, and I am absolutely not ready for that), so I can't share it here, and my pleasure knitting is largely being limited to Sundays, so progress is rather slow. As a result, today's WIP I'm going to share is a bit of a halfway house: my Lynda socks for the Knit Night Collection KAL that I'm running in my Ravelry group*. The socks are being knitted in yarn I picked up at the opening of Lucy Locket Land a few weeks ago (which I will eventually write a blog post about); it's a Bluefaced Leicester/Nylon blend and is dyed by Lucy's daughter Penny. The colours are wonderful and the yarn is really soft. I wasn't totally sure about knitting the pattern in a variegated yarn, but the variegation is really subtle and well blended, so I'm happy with the socks so far.

Having finished Me Before You (which I thoroughly recommend; I came to the book via the film, and the book has subtleties that vanished entirely when condensed into a film. The basic plot is that Louisa is employed on a six month contract as a carer for a quadriplegic, but soon realises her role is much more significant. While she tries to change his life, he manages to change hers), I have moved on to the sequel, After You, and while I'm only a few chapters in I think I should get through this pretty quickly (for me, so it'll probably take a month!).

What are you reading and crafting on at the minute?

*Ravelry link: you must be logged into Ravelry for this link to work; membership is free.


  1. Lovely yarn and toe up socks! Those are on my list to learn. I'm always logged into Ravelry it seems so no trouble getting to see your lovely pattern! Thank you for your book reviews as I had seen those books but I don't always like what's "on trend"...but your recommendation got them on to my 'never-ending' book list! Right now I am reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and The House on the Irish Hillside...HP is always good, the other one is okay....interesting to me because I am of Irish heritage but not something everyone would enjoy probably. I am knitting Hermione's Everyday socks #2, crocheting the Hotel of Bees Shawl by Christina Hadderling based on the book All The Things We Cannot See which I will be reading concurrently while making the shawl....there's a Rav group for it over on Cherry Heart. Maybe you could do a KAL or CAL using a book to inspire your design....I think it's a great idea and what got me interested in HOB shawl. I'll join your next one....right now I'm in a KAL,CAL and MAL! LOL! I'm also doing some mini quilts which were supposed to be for Easter but as you can see they didn't quite make it!

    1. Thank you! Toe-up is my favourite way of knitting socks. I do sometimes knit them cuff-down if a pattern I want to knit calls for it, but mostly not.

      I really enjoyed the first book, and am going to try my hardest to get through the second quite quickly (two children does hamper daytime reading). I have a whole bookshelf of unread books! One day I will get round to them all...

      I enjoyed Hermione's Everyday socks. I do like the idea of connecting a book and a pattern together, especially if you can read along as you work. I am a little addicted to KALs at the minute, especially the BritKnitKAL being hosted by the Stranded Dyeworks podcast - I have a lot of British yarn in my stash, so it made sense to use some!