Saturday 22 April 2017

Easter holiday slowdown

My kids have been off school and nursery for the past couple of weeks for the Easter holidays, and while it's been lovely having them around, going for days out and generally spending time in each other's company, I think we're all getting to the stage where we're excited for the return to routine. While the kids are off I don't generally get much time for knitting paperwork, but I do still get knitting done -  before the end of term I purposefully got three patterns to the stage where all I had to do was knit them so I had something I could work on easily and nothing would stagnate. As a result, this week I have been working almost exclusively on the sleeves of small children's jumpers (stocking stitch is as much as I can manage while supervising children!), and now I fancy a bit more variety!

Needles vs. days out. The needles lost

So next week I will be clearing the toys from my desk and spending a few solid hours moving things along, doing some pattern layout, getting a pattern to my tech editor, charting some lace and some intarsia and generally getting back into the swing of things. Long may the enthusiasm continue!

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