Wednesday 24 May 2017

Yarning Along: Sandal weather

It seems summer is finally here! Today has been clear, bright and warm, and, as the title suggests, I've worn my sandals for the first time this year! Hooray! I've had the washing out, and done some knitting in the sun.


Blue skies

My current project is a brand new sock design. The idea for them came to me on Friday, I ordered the yarn on Saturday (along with some new needles), it arrived yesterday and I cast on immediately. There's not much to show yet, but I am really excited about what they're going to become, so I fully expect to speed through them (or the first one at least - I'll be writing the pattern for them between the two).

I'm also onto a new book having finished Spectacles last night (I loved it, but found the final 50 pages a bit slow. Plenty of laugh out loud moments throughout though, and I would definitely recommend it. It is very silly in parts!). I'm now reading Be Frank with Me, which I know precisely nothing about, except that it was passed on to me by Amy, who enjoyed it (I think...). I'm reading it now partly because it's a hardback, which makes it easier to read and knit at the same time, the perfect combination for an afternoon enjoying the sun in the garden, and partly because I like the cover (which looks a little like the cover for Spectacles. Maybe my reading has a theme at the minute).

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  1. Thanks for Yarning Along again.
    Do you knit your rib on the same needles using the magic loop method? It's so neat. Mine is a bit wiggly as I was getting used to the teeny circulars.
    I'm thinking it's a heart but will have to wait and see....

    1. I knit the whole sock using magic loop - I've terrier other methods and they're not for me! The ribbing will get smoother with practise, promise!

  2. I did enjoy this book...I would never have chosen it myself, and it's different from what I would normally read, but I liked it. Although it's been a while and I did have to google it to make sure it's the right one!

    1. That's good. Not that I'm any further on than I was on Wednesday...