Wednesday 3 May 2017

Yarning Along: Chama, chama, chama, chama, chama, chameleon!

Last weekend I had a little look through the cupboards at some slightly neglected projects. The one that stood out most was my TOFT chameleon. I had been so excited about the chameleon when TOFT launched it last summer, and only resisted buying because the hand-dyed kits were cost-prohibitive. In the autumn TOFT released new kits featuring their coloured yarn, which, while expensive, brought the cost down to an amount I was willing to pay.

I started excitedly in the gap between Christmas and New Year, optimistic that I could finish the chameleon pretty fast. But it turns out I couldn't. There is nothing difficult about working on the chameleon (fiddly, but not difficult); the pattern is really clear, but I have to concentrate on every stitch, which makes it hard to work on when I have the children around, and when I don't I have other things I would rather work on. But I want the finished chameleon, so this week I am going to work on it.

The chameleon's body and head are already done (I finished the head on Sunday), just four legs and two eyes to go. Maybe I'll have a finished chameleon by the weekend...

And as it's Wednesday I'm joining Rachel for Yarning Along. I'm still reading After You, and enjoying it. It's rather different to Me Before You, with only one central character in common, but I'm finding it interesting and want to know what happens.


I'm blogging every day in May; this is post three. If you'd like to read all the posts, follow this link.


  1. The chameleon is looking amazing so far! it is great you picked it back up, I know how it feels when we kind of leave a project and want to get back to it to get it finished. I am interested in reading those books now I will add them to my ever growing list of books to read! hope you enjoy it!

    1. I do like to finish a long-abandoned project, it's so satisfying! But it' seems taken me two days to do half a leg, so don't expect an FO soon...

      The books are definitely worth reading. Have you seen the film? I think I would have enjoyed the first book more if I hadn't seen it.