Tuesday 5 October 2021

#YarnFriendsRock 2021 - Days 19-25

Last month I'm joined in the #YarnFriendsRock challenge, hosted by @unicornpuffsandrainbows, @brightbag and @sewing_the_seeds_of_love Every day in September, I posted a picture to my intarsia Instagram account (@VikkiBirdDesigns_Intarsia) around a theme. Don't worry if you missed it, here are my posts for Days 19-25.

Want to see more of my intarsia work? You can check out my intarsia patterns on Ravelry* and PayHip.

Day 19: Sunday share

Oops, missed a day! I’ve had a flurry of sales of my novelty hats recently. I would love to make an intarsia blanket or jumper for every friend that has a new baby, but there are only so many hours in the day. When I run out of time to make a big baby gift, I turn to my Apple for Teacher and Harvest’s Bounty patterns for a speedy gift. Got a little extra time and you’re knitting for a family that likes matchy matchy gifts? Both patterns come in sizes from baby to adult!


Day 20: On my hook

Confession: I am not much of a crocheter. I can crochet, and enjoy it when I do, but tend to save crochet for blankets. If you find me with a crochet hook, it’ll most often be to save a dropped stitch! If you haven’t tried that before, you really should - it makes fixing dropped stitches much easier!

If you head over to Instagram, you can see a video I made of me working a dropped stitch back to the needles using a crochet hook.


Day 21: Flash your stash

I have a huge yarn stash. Even though I spent a whole day sorting it a few weeks ago and donated several kilos to Knit For Peace… When I buy yarn, I tend to buy it with a project in mind, but apparently I think I can get through far more projects than I actually do! My solution now is to work a lot of my intarsia designs from a limited palette of colours, so I only need to add the odd ball of yarn here and there. This Daisy CHain Blanket is being made from yellow and cream from stash, with the addition of some gorgeous Stylecraft Special Aran in Proper Purple, which is my absolute favourite colour.


Day 22: All in the pink

I’m pretty sure there is a shade of pink for everyone. My favourite is the raspberry end - a nice strong jewel tone. The shade of pink I used in my ‘Love’ cushion is my absolute favourite - there is a lot to love in this design!

What’s your favourite shade of pink?

Day 23: Rainbow love

You might have gathered from the photos I’ve shared so far this month that I love a good rainbow! I designed my Rainbow Unicorn Cushion in my very favourite rainbow yarn @WestYorkshireSpinners Aire Valley Aran - a self-striping aran weight yarn that comes in a gorgeous bright rainbow. Unfortunately West Yorkshire Spinners have discontinued the yarn, which makes me sad. I do have a stash of the yarn, and plans to make a jumper with striped sleeves, but would love it if West Yorkshire Spinners started making this yarn again!

Day 24: Flat lay

Reality check: I love a flat lay because… I have three kids and the house is always messy! I do my flat lays on a photo board resting on a surface, which magically hides the mess! I’ve also been known to use a throw to hide the mess before taking photos. One day I’ll be tidy, and flat lays won’t become quite so essential.

Today's flat lay is a pot of stitch markers, and my makeshift photo board is a sheet of orange card. I took this photo a while ago, and am pretty certain the tin has lost its lid, and the stitch markers have been distributed across projects (and the house).

Day 25: Granny squares forever

Ok, totally going to cheat for today’s post! When I was little, I loved looking through my mum’s jar of buttons, finding ones that match, and ones that didn’t, and making patterns with them. Now my mum is a granny, and I designed this blanket thinking about my mum and those jars of buttons.

*Ravelry link. May affect people with photosensitivity. Proceed with caution.

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