Thursday 7 October 2021

#ShowOffYourWoollySocks2021 - week one round up

Hello Socktober! A month to celebrate hand-knitted socks. This month I will be wearing hand-knitted socks every day, and sharing them on my grid over on Instagram. I have a drawer full of amazing socks that are too lovely to hide in my shoes, so I will be celebrating them. If you feel the same, share away - tag me (@VikkiBirdDesigns) and use the hashtag #ShowOffYourWoollySocks2021

Missed the first week? Here's your chance to catch up!


Day 1


#ShowOffYourWoollySocks2021 is here!!!

Starting strong today with one of my favourite pairs of socks. They started off as a zebra-striped sock snake (yarn by Paintbox Yarns), and I was going to add bright pink heels, toes and cuffs, but had a last-minute change of plan and added pink, yellow and blue accents to make… liquorice allsort socks!!! I love them, in fact I love them enough to have darned them when I caught them on a loose carpet staple.

Day 2


A bit later in the day than yesterday, because it’s a Saturday, and while I’ve been up for a while, I’ve only just switched out of my pyjamas. It does mean the light is better for today’s sock photo though 😂


Today I’m sharing one of my designs: Hiding in the Bamboo. These socks have an all-over bamboo texture, and are named in honour of my kids’ favourite game at a local gardens. Any day when you get to jump out and startle your parents is a good day out as far as my kids are concerned. The socks are knitted in Milla Mia sock yarn* - a nice basic wool/nylon blend that is wearing really well.


Want to get the pattern? You can find all purchase options here


Day 3


Ooh, birthday cake socks 🎂 don’t mind if I do! These socks are *very* pink, and pink isn’t usually my thing, but I love these because they’re so cheerful, and they make me think of birthday cake! And of friends - the yarn was from a secret Santa with my knitting group, and they’re the greatest set of supporters I could ever ask for! So thank you Rachel, Lynda, Jo, Sam, Lynn, Lucy and Clare! I hope I haven’t missed anyone…

Yarn is King Cole ZigZag; pattern is Basic Ribbed Socks by Kate Atherley.

Day 4


 Today, every time I look down at my feet, I will think ‘duck feet’ 🦆 !

These socks were my first ever sock pattern! The Lynda socks are named after my lovely friend Lynda, who encouraged me to knit my first socks. If you want to make your own, you can find the pattern on Ravelry,** PayHip and LoveCrafts.*

Day 5


A *very* wet day today, so I’ve gone for some of my coziest socks. They’re knitted in Felici by Knit Picks, which I had heard about for many years before I finally got to try some. It has lived up to all my expectations, somehow making socks that are both durable and soft. This colourway is called Playhouse, and I knitted these last summer, while driving round the country to visit people in a slightly surreal socially distanced way.

I made these socks with afterthought heels, partly to preserve the stripes across the top of the foot, partly to make them even better as a travel project.

Day 6


Another pair of Felici socks today. This was my first Felici project, and my first ever afterthought heels. It’s always a bit nerve racking cutting into your knitting, but worth it for those bullseye heels!

Day 7


My Little Pine Cone Socks in action! This is the first wear for my latest pattern, and the love how autumnal they look! 🍂 

Want to make your own? You can find all the buying options here.




Fancy knitting yourself some new socks in October: THERE'S A KAL! #soywskal2021 is an excuse to knit yourself a new pair of socks to wear on October 31st. You can use a WIP, or cast on something new. The theme for this year’s KAL is ‘try something new’. What you try is up to you: cables, lace, toe-up, top-down, a new-to-you heel, the possibilities are endless... I’ll be knitting my socks from a sock blank (I have a stash of them, but have always found them a little bit intimidating!). Remember, these socks are *for you* - no gift knitting in this KAL! Just post your progress on IG with the hashtag #soywskal2021 to take part.


Want to see how mine are going? Here's my progress so far. I'm enjoying knitting them, but am a loose knitter, so am having to conentrate hard to keep my tension consistent.



*Affiliate link. 

**Ravelry link. May affect people with photosensitivity, proceed with caution. 

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