Sunday 25 February 2018

Yarn Along: Hurry up Spring!

The past two weeks have been all about enjoying half term with the kids, and watching way too much of the Winter Olympics! Half term was the week before last and was lovely. We deliberately made it very relaxed, staying local and enjoying walks in the sunshine and family time. Handily the holidays coincided with the Winter Olympics; I never really watch sports, but love both the Olympics and Winter Olympics. The Winter session is my favourite, especially the sliding and snowboarding events. I've really enjoyed watching everything over the past couple of weeks and might be at a bit of a loss for things to watch in the next few days!

The weather this month has been a total mixed bag. We've had glorious sunshine, fog, freezing conditions, sleet, snow and ice. And there's more of the cold stuff to come. I cannot wait for spring to properly take hold. I did make the most of a cold but sunny day this week by photographing a big pile of samples ready for their patterns to be released over the next few months (the pattern shown is my Peter Rabbit cushion, which will be available in my Ravelry store soon. If you want to get notified when it’s released, sign up to my newsletter via the link in the sidebar).

Work has gone from being relatively quiet to very busy suddenly, with a big new batch of exciting commissions, so my current non-work projects are simple ones. The latest issue of Knit Now magazine came with a kit for a cute bunny, which my daughter immediately claimed for herself. I knitted most of it last weekend and hope to finish it tonight.

Yesterday saw a large yarn delivery, so my other current project is a baby blanket for a friend's baby that is due in the summer. I've gone for a crochet pattern I've done before and a seven-colour rainbow, which is proving to be a lovely cheerful project.

I've still not really settled on a good book at the minute. I'm reading The Note, but it's dragging and I want to be done with it soon. It could really have done with a heavy edit to cut out one of the extra story threads... I picked up the latest issue of The Simple Things magazine, which I've been reading when I've been out and about waiting for other things. Sometimes it turns out I only really want to focus on magazine article length reads.

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