Wednesday 5 July 2017

Yarning Along: Christmas in July

Today's Yarning Along post sees me well in to my Christmas knitting. Yes, I know it's July, but this is a sample for a pattern that I want to have out by September 1st so that people who think July is too early for Christmas knitting can knit it in the autumn. Having said that, even before I designed knitwear for a living I thought that getting the Christmas knitting out of the way in the summer was a good plan as there's always far too much going on in November and December.

I am about to hit a stumbling block with this jumper. I have knitted the back and both sleeves and they have gone smoothly, so this morning I dug out the yarn for the front. The front will feature intarsia, and I cannot find my bobbins anywhere! I have located five, which is a pretty poor show as I own at least fifty! I'll wind the background and main colour on to the bobbins I can find, and improvise (get in a tangle) with the rest.

The weather is miserable, so I'm cheering things up with a summer-themed stitch marker

I am still reading The Lake House, but have made it to the final quarter, and am really enjoying it. The story threads are all starting to come together now, and I really want to know how it ends. Hopefully I'll find a couple of hours to finish reading it over the weekend.

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  1. Christmas ..eek! But as a designer I can see why it's necessary to start now.
    Glad you're into the book now, I liked it so much I wanted you to as well!

    1. In an ideal world the pattern would be with test knitters already, t it turns out I don't live in an ideal world. Ah well!

      I was surprised when I wasn't loving the book first time round. Maybe next time she releases one I should arrange to be away for a couple of days and read the whole thing in one sitting - that's what I've done with her others!