Monday 29 May 2017

Perfect weather for sock knitting

After last week's crazy hot weather, the bank holiday weekend was, as ever, a bit of a let-down, weather-wise. Saturday was stormy, but the bits between the storms were actually quite nice, and a bit fresher than the heat of the week. Yesterday was lovely, but I was at a christening for the morning and early afternoon, then went to soft play with the kids afterwards, so didn't really get to enjoy the sun. And today it has been wet all day. I did get a chance to go for a walk this morning, dressed for summer but with a waterproof and an umbrella, which was actually quite pleasant; the fresh air and peace were nice at least!

One of the highlights of this weekend was seeing a hot air balloon flying over our garden. There was a hot air ballooon festival in town this weekend, which we would have gone to if our free time had coincided with the good weather, instead when we were free the weather wasn't good enough for the balloons to be up. Flying in a hot air balloon is one of the items on my list of things I'd love to do, although I suspect the reality isn't quite the same as my idealised notion.

Flying high, in the sky

Another highlight has been Lego building. My husband bought one of the big Lego Technic sets on Saturday and he and the kids have spent the rest of the weekend building it, and this morning it was up and running and the kids had a brilliant time using the scoops to pick up Lego from a pile on the floor. It entertained them for hours!

Amazing Lego!

After last week's knitting disaster, I've been focusing on smaller projects, and have cast off two socks this weekend. When I cast off the second I stole the needles to finish the second of the striped socks - Knit Pro Novas are much nicer to work with than very cheap needles from the market. I have quite a lot of pairs of socks to finish, so I might make finishing a few pairs my goal for half term (even if it means spending a lot of time at soft play...).

Cast off number one

Second cast off of the weekend

Can I finish these tonight?

Hope you've had a good weekend, whether or not it's been a long one.

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