Friday 5 May 2017

My feet are (probably) larger than yours

A little break from crafting for the blog today, instead I'm going to ponder on shoes...

Looking at the photos for my Knit Night sock collection,* you may think that I am always wearing glamourous, vintage style shoes, and while I do own several pairs of heeled Mary Janes, you'll more typically find me in boots or trainers in the winter and Birkenstocks in the summer. I have large feet (UK 10, EU 44), and finding shoes I like and that fit is hard work (my feet are not wide; the proportions are pretty standard, just bigger than most of the population). The largest size for standard women's shoes in the UK is an 8 (EU 42), with some shops stocking a 9 (EU 43) - I often mention the issue to the staff in shoe shops and am repeatedly told there is no demand (trust me, there is!). As a result, the vast majority of my shoe shopping is done online.

Knit Night Collection - lots of sizes to even big feet!

The seasons I struggle with most, shoe-wise, are spring and autumn, when it's too warm for boots and too cool for sandals. At the minute I really like the casual dress with plimsolls look (which would be perfect with a lot of the dresses I'm hoping to sew in the near future), but my feet look pretty ridiculous in plimsolls and basketball shoes (especially with dresses; I have bought a pair of basketball shoes to wear with jeans - they're unisex, which makes buying them much easier than buying other shoes)! So my quandary at the minute is what to wear with summer dresses before the summer weather starts.

Basketball shoes - ok with jeans, not so good with dresses

Does anyone else share the large feet issue? What do you wear with summer dresses during the day? Which suppliers do you like best?

*I am running a knitalong for the Knit Night Collection in my Ravelry group from now until the end of May. If you'd like to join in, follow this link (Ravelry link, you must be logged in for access).


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