Friday 17 September 2021

Show Off Your Woolly Socks 2021 - it's back!

Do you have a drawer full of handknitted socks that you're really proud of? Do you want to share your woolly socks with the world? A few years ago, I shared a picture of my handknitted socks every day for a month for #ShowOffYourWoollySocks, and it's back for 2021! #ShowOffYourWoollySocks2021 is an excellent excuse to show off your woolly socks: just share a photo of your socks every day in October and tell me their story - all socks have a story, right? Whether it's about the yarn, or the pattern, or the place they were knitted, I can't wait to hear your sock-related tales. You don't have to join in every day, just post on the days you're wearing your woolly socks.

Fancy knitting yourself some new socks in October: THERE'S A KAL! #soywskal2021 is an excuse to knit yourself a new pair of socks to wear on October 31st. You can use a WIP, or cast on something new. The theme for this year’s KAL is ‘try something new’. What you try is up to you: cables, lace, toe-up, top-down, a new-to-you heel, the possibilities are endless... I’ll be knitting my socks from a sock blank (I have a stash of them, but have always found them a little bit intimidating!). Remember, these socks are *for you* - no gift knitting in this KAL! Just post your progress on IG with the hashtag #soywskal2021 to take part.


Fancy using one of my sock patterns? All my sock patterns have 15% off with the code SHOWOFF until October 7th 2021 on Ravelry and PayHip (expires 11.59pm BST).

Socks on PayHip:

Socks on Ravelry: (Ravelry link; may cause issues for people with photosensitivity, proceed with caution)

Let me know below how exited you are to join in with #ShowOffYourWoollySocks2021 I can't wait!

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