Thursday 27 January 2022

Toffee Delight Socks are here!


Hello! Hope you're doing well today. I'm glad to be indoors, as while the sun is shining brightly outside, I can also hear the wind blowing!

I've got a new pattern to share with you today: the third installment of the DK Selection-Box of Socks is here!

I designed these socks with my husband in mind: they are DK weight, which makes them quick to knit in larger sizes, and simple repeated patterns always help me to stay motivated (and make socks that match! It's so much easier to count rows if you can see the multiples of four quickly!).

If you fancy picking up the pattern, it's got 25% off until 11.59pm GMT, Monday 31st January 2022, just use the code TOFFEE on Ravelry and PayHip.



Want to know more about the pattern? Keep reading.


In any box of chocolates, the toffee ones are always my favourites, which is how the Toffee Delight Socks got their name: I love a stitch pattern that is a simple and easy to memorise repeat that makes you say ‘just four more rows’. I knitted the second sample sock in just two days (in a UK size 14!) because I found the pattern so moreish.

The Toffee Delight Socks are knitted from the top down, with a heel-flap and gusset construction. They have an all-over ribbed pattern on the leg, with the ribbed pattern continuing into the heel flap, the top of the foot, and the toe. The sole of the sock is knitted in plain stocking stitch.

The Toffee Delight Socks are written in sizes to fit the whole family [ten sizes, in circumferences from 8.5 cm (3.5 in) to 28 cm (11.25 in) – if you have an especially knitworthy family to knit for, you could make a full set of matching socks!] The ribbed texture means the socks pull in slightly, resulting in an even better fit.

The socks are knitted in a wool blend DK with 25% nylon, which makes the yarn stronger and increases its lifespan. If you’re knitting for someone extra-special, why not see if your favourite indie dyer has a wool/nylon DK weight yarn that you could try as a treat to yourself?

Use the code TOFFEE on Ravelry and PayHip for 25% off until 11.59pm GMT, Monday 31st January 2022.



*Ravelry link. May affect peple with photosensitivity. Proceed with caution.

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