Monday 6 December 2021

Don't unravel this December


Hello December! Hello advent calendars galore! I have three this year: a chocolate one, a marshmallow one, and a scrappy yarn swap one. And I have a self-striping skein. I am totally on board with the chocolate one: chocolate for breakfast is a joy! I’m sure I can find time each day to eat a marshmallow (on a good day, I may even find time to toast it!). But the yarn ones… December is stressful. Everyone (including me!) wants a magical Christmas, but that takes *work*. I’ll be dashing between carol concerts and nativities, organising Santa visits and decorating the tree, sorting presents and writing cards, organising food and baking goodies. On top of the usual laundry, food prep, housework and actual work. Does that leave time for extra advent projects? No. So I’m here to tell you: I find advent overwhelming. If you feel the same, you’re not alone. There will be posts everywhere sharing beautiful advent projects, knitted in order and on the day the advent door was opened, but if you stop for a second, you will know that there are many more advent calendars being opened that aren’t being knitted up *right now*! If your me-time this December is 30 minutes of working on a pre-existing project, or even just staring into space while your cup of coffee goes cold, know it’s not just you. I will love looking at everyone else’s advent projects, but don’t expect me to be wearing brand new scrappy socks on Christmas Day!


It can’t just be me. Will you be up to date with your advent calendar on Christmas Day?
Hope December doesn't leave you too overwhelmed. Until next time, happy knitting.

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