Saturday 18 September 2021

#YarnFriendsRock 2021 - Days 13-18

Wow! Where is September going? It seems to be whizzing by. This month I'm joining the #YarnFriendsRock challenge, hosted by @unicornpuffsandrainbows, @brightbag and @sewing_the_seeds_of_love Every day in September, I'm posting a picture to my intarsia Instagram account (@VikkiBirdDesigns_Intarsia) around a theme. Head over there to follow along. In case you missed it, here's a catch-up for Days 13-18.


Day 13: Blue Monday

Just because it’s Monday, it doesn't mean you have to be blue! Blue is one of my happy colours: it’s calming and relaxing, and makes me feel at peace with myself and the world around me. It’s funny how colours can have such an effect on our mood. I live in hope that dressing my kids in soothing blues might calm them down, but it hasn’t worked so far!


Day 14: Bookmarks


Want to know my most-used knitting bookmark? It’s the @CraftYarnCouncil Standard Body Measurements/Sizing. They’re not exciting or glamorous, but they allow me to create patterns that fit a whole range of sizes, from baby to adult!

Patterns are Sooty Baby Cardigan and Father Christmas jumper, both designed by me for @KnitNow Photos shared with permission.

Day 15: Colour inspiration


When I’m choosing colours for my designs, I tend to stick at least approximately to colours that are close to those of the item I’m knitting, so penguins are black and white, reindeer are brown, foxes are rust, but I love to add bright colours in backgrounds. I had lots of fun choosing the colours for my Knitbots blanket, because robots can be any colour you like!

Day 16: Shop indie

I love visiting local yarn stores, and usually pick up a souvenir skein of sock yarn when I visit one. A lot of my designs make use of mainstream yarns such as Hayfield Bonus DK, King Cole Merino Blend DK and Stylecraft Special DK, which are available in lots of local yarn shops, so when I get the chance I always try to pick up my yarn from smaller indie shops. Tell me about your local yarn shop - what do you love about them?

Day 17: Yarn bombing

Controversial opinion coming… I don’t generally like yarn bombing… I find it tends to look tatty once it’s been out in the rain for a few days. But I do like a temporary yarn installation, and I think the team at Yarndale are pretty much masters of it. Every year, they use yarn bombing to create an amazing yarn trail leading you to the exhibition hall. This photo is from 2016, when I went to Yarndale with my lovely friend Amy.

Day 18: Reel


Do you ever run out of yarn bobbins? I do once in a while (or mislay them…), so occasionally, I make yarn butterflies instead! This post is a video of me making a yarn butterfly on my IG feed - head over there to check it out.

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