Wednesday 11 August 2021

How to secure a dropped stitch

In the summer holidays, I am all about vanilla knits: knitting in the car, at the cinema, on the beach, while I am too tired to concentrate on anything else! Once in a while it doesn’t quote go to plan, and I notice that I dropped a stitch *many* rows ago. Often (pretty much always…) I can’t be bothered to unravel all the way back to where I dropped the stitch, so instead I secure the stitch into the knitting at the end. Want to know how to do that (it’s really simple)? Keep reading.


How to temporarily secure the stitch

You will need:

  • a locking stitch marker

When you realise you’ve dropped the stitch it’s important to secure it so your knitting doesn’t unravel. You can do this temporarily using a locking stitch marker: open the marker, and insert the pin through the loop of the stitch, then close the marker so the stitch is temporarily secured.


How to permanently secure the stitch

You will need:

  • A length of waste yarn (in the same colour as your knitting)
  • A tapestry needle

1. Thread the tapestry needle with a length of waste yarn, and post the yarn through the dropped stitch


2. Thread both loose ends of yarn through the eye of the tapestry needle


3. Draw the needle through the knitted fabric at the point where the dropped stitch is, pulling the waste yarn to the wrong side of the fabric


4. Weave the loose yarn ends in on the wrong side of the fabric to secure the ends 


5. Ta dah! You have secured your dropped stitch!

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