Wednesday 26 May 2021

Marathon Sock KAL 2021: We've done it!

A little under two months ago, I started the Marathon Sock KAL, a cummulative effort to turn a Marathon's worth of sock yarn into socks, and I am delighted to announce that WE'VE DONE IT! One marathon’s worth of sock yarn turned into 163 pairs of socks! Thank you to everyone who has taken part!

Previous Marathon's have varied hugely in length, but this one has been the quickest by far. It has been delightful looking at everyone's socks as they've come off the needles. I have been staggered by just how quickly some knitters have converted yarn into socks (there are several entrants who have contributed more than 5 pairs!).

If, like me, you've still got socks on the needles, don't worry. You can add them to the count until the end of May 31st, so keep on knitting. And yes, I do still have to finish my #SockSprint socks, so if you want me, I’ll be working on those… I’ll announce the winners at the start of June.

 Missed out on this year's Marathon? Don't worry, I fully intend running it again next year!

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