Monday 11 May 2020


For the first few weeks that the UK was in lockdown, I got very little knitting (or anything really) done. My mind was all over the place and I struggled to concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes. I'm out of that fug now, mostly because I have started setting myself some (nice, achievable) goals. In an attempt to help others make a little progress, I've started an accountability thread in my Ravelry group, and an accountability hashtag on Instagram: #weeklywipalong

What's the point of #weeklywipalong? It's all about sharing your goals so that you are accountable to someone else. I find that if I tell people my plans, I am much more likely to achieve them.

Your goals can be as big or small as you like: finish a neckband, knit a single sock, cast on a new project, knit a sleeve, etc. All crafts are welcome, and I've found it's really helped me to focus on working on one thing at a time and actually getting some things off the needles.

If you want to join in, you can comment in the chatter thread in my Ravelry group, or use the hashtag #weeklywipalong on Instagram.

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