Saturday 21 March 2020

Yorkshire Yarn Fest - online only March 21st 2020

In November, I went to the inaugral Yorkshire Yarn Fest, and had a really lovely day. The second Yorkshire Yarn Fest was meant to be on this weekend (Saturday March 21st 2020), and I had planned to go with a couple of friends. Unfortuntely, the event has had to be cancelled in its original format, owing to Covid-19 restrictions. The organisers have been working really hard this week to transfer the event to an online event, which is really exciting, and also means that the event can be accessed across the world. A lot of people in the yarn community make a lot of their income from yarn festivals, so I really hope this online event takes off. If you'd like to get involved, head over to the Yorkshire Yarn Fest website for full details. I know that many of the vendors will be offering free postage, which is excellent news!

After this weekend's event, the next Yorkshire Yarn Fest is scheduled for August 2nd 2020, so hopefully that event will go ahead as planned.

Happy knitting.


  1. I’m going to check it out! Really interested to see how it works!

    1. What did you think? Did you buy anything?