Tuesday 29 January 2019

Yarnometer: November 2018

I like knitting in November: the weather is colder, the evenings are longer, and knitting feels more necessary. With that in mind, here’s my Yarnometer post for November.

Projects finished
An *Elmer* cushion cover
Something I'm really excited about! The pattern is available in Knit Now issue 98.

Image copyright Practical Publishing

These socks were donated to Marie Curie to be distributed to patients at their hospices over Christmas.

I had wanted to knit this hat for ages, and when I drew a particular someone for a Secret Santa I knew I hat to knit this hat for her.

The ins and outs of yarn
Yarn in
  • 100g of sock yarn from Knit Crate
  • 300g of sparkly Christmas yarn
  • 100g of Stylecraft Head Over Heels sock yarn 
  • 230g of yarn in a goodie bag from my local yarn shop (Ringarosie)
  • 200g of sparkly worsted weight yarn from Knit Crate
  • 200g of West Yorkshire Spinners Christmas yarn
  • 100g of Regia Christmas sock yarn
  • 100g of sparkly sock yarn from Knit Crate
  • 200g of West Yorkshire Spinners sock yarn donated to me to make socks for charity

Yarn out 
  • 78g of festive sock yarn given to a friend
  • 100g of sock yarn as a prize for the Marathon Sock KAL
  • 382g spare yarn returned to a publisher
  • 78g of sock yarn donated to a friend
  • 200g sock yarn gifted as part of ‘Get your yarn wishes granted’
  • 100g of sock yarn to my sister to knit her first pair of socks

  • 229g cushion cover
  • 110g socks for Marie Curie
  • 62g Beeswax Hat 

Yarn in: 1530g
Yarn out or used: 1339g
Total: +191g

Year to date
Yarn in: 26 957g
Yarn out: 14 141g
Yarn used: 6153g
Total: +6663g

November was a month in which a surprisingly large amount of knitting got done. I figured out how to do intarsia with a baby on my knee (admittedly a baby that was not as wiggly as the one that is currently pulling my hair....), and donated lots of yarn to people who would use it faster than I could manage (the two lots of 78g of yarn both became socks by Christmas, which was lovely to see).

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