Sunday 28 January 2018

Yarn Along: Baby knits

Hello! Hope you're having a lovely Sunday.

I have somehow stuck to my resolution of only working on personal projects at the weekends, and both my business crafting and hobby crafting seem to be benefiting.

I am currently working on a lot of baby knits, either on the needles, or just in the back of my mind. In the current academic year (September to August) 7 babies will be making an appearance*; in my experience babies do seem to come in clusters, but this is a pretty extreme one! So a lot of my weekends will be spent knitting baby garments. I love knitting for babies: the garments are so small and cute. They allow a chance to try new things without having to commit to weeks of knitting.

The current baby knit on the needles is a heavily modified Rainbow Child**. I'm knitting it in 6 months size as the baby is already here, and I definitely want it to get some use before it is outgrown! All the blue yarn I'm using is Paintbox Yarns Baby DK,*** while the cream is some long-stashed Sirdar Snuggly DK.**** The yarns are working really well together and I'm enjoying the project. I'm hoping that I might even have the whole thing knitted by the end of the weekend (but it is possible I said that last weekend as well and that clearly didn't happen), but a bit of a mishap knitting the hood means that’s looking less likely!

State of play this morning 

Not the greatest progress for one day!

As for books, I finished the Sarah Millican book before last weekend and loved it. I laughed out loud so many times that my children thought I was mad. I'm now onto Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly (you may have come across the film based on the book; it was out in 2016 and I plan to watch it when I have finished the book) about the role of black American women in the space race. I'm finding the book interesting, but a little slow - this is not one for bedtime as I tend to fall asleep.

What are you working on at the minute? What are your favourite things to knit for babies?

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*And that's only the ones close enough that I plan to make a gift for them!

**I have used a different stripe pattern, omitted the i-cord edging, and am not knitting the pockets.

***Supplied by Paintbox Yarns for review purposes. Affiliate link.

****Affiliate link.


  1. I'm also knitting baby clothes! My next door neighbours are having twins (maybe right now. No, their car is there...she's 35 weeks!!). I knitted two matching cardigans, ond of my favourite patterns and one which people ooh and aah over it despite it being pretty simple- it's called Gift Wrap by Carina Spencer. I also tried out a Baby Surprise Jacket, v cultish. Nice results but not an exciting knit really. I am also stashbusting which I love (weird!) and trying not to buy yarn, but after finishing 1 mitten for me I had to order more yarn...from Mothy and the Squid. Spectacular crash off the wagon if ever there was!

    1. Wow, twins are even more exciting! I’ve just looked up Gift Wrap - that is a cute cardigan! I’m less keen on the Baby Surprise Jacket, it looks interesting to make, but I just don’t like the look of the finished item.

      Oops on the yarn. I am holding out ok so far. I went to a yarn shop on Saturday, but bought a couple of crochet hooks as I felt I ought to buy something and really don’t need more yarn! I clearly wasn’t paying attention though as I bought the wrong size. Can I manage a second visit without buying yarn?!

  2. I thought the Baby Surprise was rather a boring knit really, but everybody who has seen it (non-knitters) seem to rave - but I agree, I'm not a big fan of garter stitch stuff either.
    With Mothy and the Squid, actually, YOU are responsible for that since you introduced me to her yarns via the blog! Of course, I couldn't just buy the one skein I needed...another dropped in my basket...But the quality is so, so good and the colours are so beautiful.
    I can't just look at yarn in a shop though. It's like asking an alcoholic to hold a glass of wine...!