Sunday 26 March 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Good morning! Today it is Mother's Day in the UK, and I am up bright and early (the clocks changed last night, so while they say 7.30 it doesn't feel like it!) while my daughter pootles around the living room, enjoying the first proper full weekend of sunshine we've had this year.

When I was small Mother's Day meant bunches of flowers given to the child at school and handed to their recipient a couple of days later, slightly wilted, and a handmade card. There was also usually a homemade cake, garishly decorated with as much food colouring and smarties (colourful chocolate 'beans' coated in a sugar shell) as we could get a way with.

While I was at junior school (7-11) and also a Brownie, the church in whose hall Brownies was held always invited the Brownies and their mums to the service on the Sunday (Mothering Sunday is technically a religious date, falling the third weekend before Easter); this was often a poorly attended service, which meant the chances of being designated flag-bearer were pretty high (I was always very excited about being flag-bearer; at some point during the ceremony each Brownie and Guide unit at the service would parade their unit flag to the front and place it in the special holder where they would be displayed for the rest of the ceremony). And no, being a flag-bearer wasn't exactly a gift for the mother, but it's always nice to watch your children doing things they're excited about!

These days I am a mum, and Mother's Day has become a rather more commercial event, with the shops being littered with balloons, chocolates and all manner of floral gifts, and anywhere that can hosting special afternoon teas. We're not doing anything special; I know that my children have each made me a card (the one from my daughter dropped out of her lunch bag yesterday when I was tidying up), and there is promise of my not having to cook this evening. It's nice to know that I am appreciated, but equally, I am lucky enough to know that I am appreciated as a mother every day of the year.

Having said that I don't want any gifts, I would like a couple of hours peace and quiet so I can get on with knitting on my Dotted Rays. It's my current weekend project and I've just finished the second ball of five. And maybe for someone else to make me a couple of cups of coffee...

Happy Mother's Day!

P. S. If anyone is interested, I am doing ok at the monogamous knitting. I have one pink sock and my Dotted Rays is keeping me company when the pink sock is too tricky!

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