Wednesday 3 November 2021

#ShowOffYourWoollySocks2021 - days 8-16

In October I wore hand-knitted socks (almost) every day, and shared them on my grid. I have a drawer full of amazing socks that are too lovely to hide in my shoes, so I celebrated them! Here are my socks from days 8-16.

Day 8

A rare pair of patterned socks that aren’t one of my designs. These are Rainbow Connection Socks by The Crazy Sock Lady,* knitted in West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply in Sherbert Fizz and Drops Fabel. I loved knitting these and they flew off the needles. They have lots of slipped stitches, which make them super cosy!

Day 9

Apparently I photographed these yesterday, then didn’t post them. These are the prototype for my Siren Song Socks. I made a couple of changes for the final pattern - most notably, the final pattern is top down, while these are toe up. The yarn was one of my golden skeins: a skein so lovely I didn’t want to knit it up! It’s called Mermaid Hair and is a merino/cashmere/nylon blend that is gloriously squishy! I’m so glad I turned it into socks as they’re a real treat for my feet.

Day 10

Today’s socks had *sparkle*! These are very much the 1980s in a sock and I love them! They’re knitted in an Opal colourway from a few years ago, and it is the sparkliest sock yarn I’ve ever found - do you like your socks to have some sparkle?

Day 11

Some of you have noticed that I moved this year’s #ShowOffYourWoollySocks to October from November. So far, so good. But today is *not* woolly sock weather. It’s summer dress, cardi and tights weather. There aren’t enough of those days in the UK, so I’m embracing it! Normal service will resume tomorrow.

Cardigan is Lush by Tin Can Knits. Yarn is Essential DK/Aire Valley DK by West Yorkshire Spinners (discontinued).

Day 12

Good morning! I forgot to take a photo of yesterday's socks until just before I went to bed, and was too tired to construct a sentence to go with them, so decided to wait to share them. If Monday was summer dress and cardigan weather, yesterday was wellies and woolly socks weather. These socks are knitted in Paintbox Yarns Socks, a great sock yarn, but only a few colours are available now, and this isn't one of them. I've been thinking these socks are about to go through the toe for ages now, but they're still holding up. Maybe I should do a pre-emtive darn…

Day 13

A heavily filtered photo this evening of these glorious Siren Song Socks. The depth of colour is stunning (dyed by Phileas Yarns, who is no longer dyeing) and these socks have made me smile every time I’ve looked down today!

Day 14

It’s a stereotype that the English always talk about the weather, but it’s there for a reason… today is pretty clear, a bit cool and really rather lovely. I’m off out for a walk after the school run to start the day off on the right foot. I’ll be wearing these Knit Picks Felici socks in the colourway Spring Bloom. I love the bright pink stripes in among the greens - I’m much fonder of spring than autumn, and these socks remind me that it will be here before I know it!

Days 15-16

Travel socks for travel days! I went to a 50th wedding anniversary party this weekend, so wore my London tube map socks for two days of travelling. It was wonderful being able to see family members I hadn’t seen for at least two years, but wow, all that driving has made me tired! Today is definitely a sofa day (I’ll share today’s socks when I’m dressed. That might be roughly lunch time 😂).

Yarn is Mind the Gap by Trailing Clouds.

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*Ravelry link. May affect users with photosensitivity. Proceed with caution.

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