Sunday 7 November 2021

#ShowOffYourWoollySocks2021 - days 25-31

In October I wore hand-knitted socks (almost) every day, and shared them on my grid. I have a drawer full of amazing socks that are too lovely to hide in my shoes, so I celebrated them! Here are my socks from days 25-31.

Days 25-26


When is a pair not a pair? When they’re fraternal! I made these two pairs of socks concurrently many years ago. I knitted the rainbow heels, toes and cuffs pair first, then the full rainbow pair afterwards. I keep meaning to make another set because I love both pairs so much! Maybe with pink or purple as the solid…
I might be a bit quiet this week because it’s half term and I want to spend as much time as possible with my kids. Today’s activity is pumpkin carving. Wish me luck.

Day 27

Trying to escape from autumn today with some super socks in spring colours. Inspired by daffodils, this self-striping yarn from @StrawberryFieldsYarns was a joy to work up, and now it makes me dream of lighter days and spring flowers.

Days 28-29

Yesterday’s socks… might also be today’s socks… the weather is dank and gloomy today, so a sofa day is very tempting!

This is my only pair of scrappy socks, and I still made them match as much as possible by adding a neutral to bring all the colours together! The yarn was from an advent swap a few years ago, and I was very proud of myself for keeping up and getting the socks done for Christmas!

Day 30

Running really low on non-Christmas socks now! These cosy socks are an early pair, knitted in a Regia Arne and Carlos colourway.

Day 31 (part one)

What’s that Vikki, today you’re wearing one sock and it still has stitch markers on it? Well, this is my #SOYWSKAL2021 sock. I did not manage to make a whole pair of socks, because knitting from a sock blank was a learning curve! I knitted this sock much tighter than I usually do (I think there are 40 sts to 10 cm, when there’s usually 32…) because I had to tension the yarn enough to straighten out the kinks. I love how the sock turned out though, so will work on sock two throughout November! Did you finish your socks?

Day 31 (part two)


After I failed to finish my #SOYWSKAL2021 socks, I had a deep dive into my sock drawer and found my most seasonally appropriate socks - stripey witch socks! I think these will be perfect for trick or treat with the kids later (and my feet will be warm!). See photo two for some Halloween treats of the edible kind!

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