Saturday 30 January 2021

#SocksOfFebruary2021 - an IG challenge

Do you like making socks? Are you on Instagram? Then #SocksOfFebruary2021 is for you!

In February, @YarnStreetUK and I (@VikkiBirdDesigns) are hosting a photo prompt challenge over on Instagram. The theme is socks, and the hashtag is #SocksOfFebruary2021

Every day in February has a different theme, and the idea is that you post a photo to Instagram that works for that theme – be as literal or as inventive as you like! Hopefully we’ll all find lots of inspiration and new sock knitting friends to chat to online. I would love you to take part! Don’t worry about posting everyday, just post for the days that inspire you. Obviously I’ll be trying to do the whole month, let’s see if I manage!

In case you want to get ahead of the game, here’s a full list of the prompts for the month:

Day 1. Work in Progress – Say hi, share your current WIP, or go all the way and share your sock journey.

Day 2. My Sock Collection – Let’s show off those woolly socks.

Day 3. Indie Dyed Yarn – Colourful creations in indie dyed yarn, show off your favourites!

Day 4. Lacy Feet – Lacy socks for lazy days.

Day 5. Pattern that Rib – Whether it’s a ribbed cuff or the full sock, show off that ribbing.

Day 6. Toe Up or Top Down – which is your style?

Day 7. Creative Colourwork – Let’s share those colourwork creations.

Day 8. Commercial Yarn – Show some love for your favourite commercial sock yarn.

Day 9. Mismatch – Love them or hate them? It’s time to show off your mismatched pairs!

Day 10. Favourite Sock Base – What’s your favourite sock base?

Day 11. Block Those Socks – To block or not to block? Over to you!

Day 12. Bright and Beautiful - Sunglasses at the ready, let’s share those bright ones.

Day 13. My Favourite Needles – What are your go-to needles? Do you prefer DPNs, circulars, or magic loop?

Day 14. All the Hearts – The ones you love the most.

Day 15. Sock Yarn Stash – Share your stash…

Day 16. Go Pink – Pink in all its glorious shades.

Day 17. Stripes all the Way – It’s stripes day! Show off those stripy socks.

Day 18. Grand Plans – What’s up next?

Day 19. Favourite Pattern – No explanation needed today, simply share…

Day 20. Pastels – All the pastels on show.

Day 21. Gifted - Socks you’ve gifted, or socks you’ve received, today’s all about those gifted socks.

Day 22. Blues – All the tones, let’s go blue.

Day 23. Mark Your Progress – Those progress keepers we love to use.

Day 24. Cables – What’s your favourite cable pattern?

Day 25. Sporty Days – Ready, steady, sporty style! Share those sporty socks.

Day 26. Shorties – Short legs, knee highs, or something in between?

Day 27. Scrappy Socks – We’re almost done, it’s scrappy sock day!

Day 28. Wave Those Toes – Contrast toe? Favourite shape? Let’s wave those toes for our last day.


Want to share the prompts on your Instagram? There are six colourful options at the bottom of this post, so you can choose the one that suits your style best!

See you over on Instagram. I cannot wait to see your posts!

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