Monday 11 January 2021

#LooseEndsMAL: Sock WIPs - part one

Earlier this week, I launched the #LooseEndsMAL, a MakeALong (MAL) to encourage you to go and unearth some treasured woks in progress (WIPs) and turn them into precious finished objects. If you’re not in love with the WIP any more, now is the time to let it go! You can read all about the MAL here.

After I posted, I round up all my works in progress, and discovered that there are far too many to share in one go, so I’m going to share them here on the blog over the next few weeks, a few at a time. First, we have a selection of my sock WIPs.

You may know that I really like knitting socks, and always have a few pairs on the go, but even I was surprised by how many sock WIPs I had lying about the house. Here are the first four…


1. Bah Humbug!

This pair of grey striped socks was cast on in November for the Stranded Podcast #FestiveSockalong They were meant as a Christmas present for my husband, but I clearly didn’t finish them on time! My husband loves hand-knitted socks, so it’s definitely worth me finishing them.

Yarns: King Cole Zig Zag in Humbug for the main colour, and Novita Venla* in the colourway Charcoal for the contrast.

Panda stitch marker by Jen's Crafty Charms.


2. Siren Song

Some socks have lots of lovely memories tied up with them, and that’s definitely true of this pair: I cast on this pair of Siren Song socks (available on Ravelry,** LoveCrafts and PayHip) for the Marathon Sock KAL that I host every year, in yarn by The Wool Kitchen that I picked up at Edinburgh Yarn Festival a few years ago. I miss yarn festivals so much!


3. Arcadia

These socks are a very recent cast on – December 2020 in fact! The yarn is Stylecraft Head Over Heels that my mum got me for Christmas. The yarn is really pretty, so I was very keen to cast it on straight away. I grabbed my usual needles, cast on my standard number of stitches, and chose a pattern I’d had in my library for ages (Arcadia by KBJ Designs), and started knitting. Unfortunately, the sock has come out a little snug for my feet, but will fit my sister, so I’m keeping them in the family and giving them to her.


4. Rainbow stripes


This rainbow tube is an ancient cast-on: I cast this sock on before my toddler was born and stopped working on it when she was a newborn. As she’s now two, that was a while ago! I still have a vision for what I want this WIP to become, so I shall have a think and see if the design will work with what I’ve already knitted.

Yarns: West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply* in Rum Paradise (rainbow stripes) and Milk Bottle (cream).


I‘ll be back soon to share some more WIPs with you. Do you have long-abandoned WIPs that you need a push to get finished? Why not join me in the #LooseEndsMAL, either on Instagram or Ravelry,** or let me know in the comments below what WIPs you want to get finished this year. The #LooseEndsMAL runs until the end of February 2021. For full details on how to enter, read this post.


*Affiliate link.

**Ravelry link; may cause issues to people with photosensitivity.

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