Tuesday 22 September 2020

#gbboknitalong: Knitalong a Bake Off!

 Hello! I'm popping in today to announce an impromptu knitalong over on Instagram.

The Great British Bake Off starts on Channel 4 this evening, and I am really excited about it - I think it will be an excellent antedote to everything else that's going on at the minute. I discovered this morning that I have both a cake-themed project bag, and some cake-themed yarn, so decided that over the course of Bake Off, I will be turning my yarn into a pair of socks.

Obviously cake is better shared with friends, and the same is true of knitting, so maybe you'd like to join me in a Bake Off knitalong? I'm hosting the knitalong on Instagram, just tag your posts with #gbboknitalong and I'll make sure I check them out. 

I won't be able to watch the Bake Off live every week - sometimes I'll be caught up with other things, so those weeks I'll do my knitting while watching Bake Off on catch-up. If you need to do the same, that's absolutely fine.

I'm casting on a new project for #gbboknitalong, but this is a really informal knitalong, so if you'd prefer to join in with a work in progress, do that instead. The same applies to crochet or any other craft!

Yarn is Birthday Cake Self Striping by Strawberry Fields Yarn; bag is by KnitRunDig.

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