Monday 28 September 2020

Ever fancied becoming a test knitter?

Before I self-publish my designs, I like to get them test-knitted. This involves me sending you a preview copy of the pattern (after it has been tech-edited) and you working the pattern up in your choice of yarn by a (usually pretty relaxed) deadline. You send me feedback on the pattern, and you get to keep the finished object. If this sounds like the sort of thing that might interest you, why not sign up to my test knitter notication list?

Every time I launch a new test, I send the people on my notification list an email telling them about what the test involves and details on how to sign up for the test. Being on my list does not guarantee you a place on a test, nor does it obligate you to test for me. As a bonus incentive, if you complete a test for me, I add you to a prize draw. Once I get to ten entrants, I draw a winner. The prize value is of the order of £20.

If you're interested in test knitting, you can sign up here. I have some crochet designs up my sleeve too, so if you're a crochether who is interested in testing for me, fill in the form!

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