Sunday 23 September 2018

The crochet-hook black-hole

Somewhere in my house there is a black hole filled with every crochet hook I've ever owned. That's the only possible explanation as to why I cannot locate any crochet hooks at the minute. My knitting needles are all carefully filed, and I thought the hooks were there with them, but apparently not, nor are they in any of the other obvious homes. All of which makes crocheting a baby blanket rather tricky.

I had been planning on making a blanket for a friend's new baby ever since I found out she was pregnant, but even though I've known for months that the baby is due in October, I hadn't realised how quickly October was coming around (for some reason I've spent most of the past week thinking it's February). The yarn has been purchased (I'm using the leftovers from the blanket I crocheted for another friend earlier in the year, along with three balls of pale grey that I bought to go with them), but without a hook, the project is a bit of a non-starter.

I did consider ordering the most likely hook size, I then considered ordering a whole new set of hooks just in case I needed a different size. Both of which are not great options as: (i) the pattern I was planning on using is one I haven't made before so I knew I'd need to play with hook sizes before I'd be happy; (i) I already own lots of crochet hooks, even I can't find them, so it seems silly to replace all of them!

As ever, the answer was pretty obvious, and I popped round to a crocheting friend's for an afternoon to borrow some hooks and do a couple of test swatches (I was right not to order just one hook - I had to try two). I'm now ploughing on with the blanket, and it's looking lovely (the pattern is Hydrangea Stripe blanket by Lucy of Attic 24) and it's mindless enough to do whilst feeding a baby! I have ordered myself a single hook in the right size as I have a favourite type of hook (Clover Soft Touch* - the ergonomic handle means I can crochet for ages without my hand cramping up), and am keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of the hooks hooks turn up one day! 

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