Sunday 15 July 2018

Yarnometer: June 2018

We're halfway through the year already! And there might have been quite a lot of yarn coming in and out of my stash...

Projects finished

A hat and mitt set for a magazine
I am really excited to share these with you in the near future, but unfortunately they're top secret at the minute.

An adult-sized jumper
And I'm even more excited about this one. Keep your eyes peeled for something appearing around Christmas...

Hats for twins
I got to meet my shiny new twin nieces in June and they are tiny. So tiny in fact that my sister requested smaller hats for them. I made this cute little pair, which might have gone to live on their teddies!

Socks for a friend
The Marathon sock KAL is still going in my Ravelry group, and this is this month's contribution. I finished the first sock in four days, the second took three and a half weeks (at least in part because I managed to burn my finger, which took a few weeks to heal).

The ins and outs of yarn

Yarn in
  • 150g of yarn for the baby hats
  • 300g of sock yarn from Love Knitting, at least 200g of that is for pattern samples, the other one is one I could not resist!
  • 1300g of yarn for a festive commission
  • 100g of self-striping sock yarn a friend was destashing
  • 200g of sock yarn from a visit to Ringarosie
  • 200g of beautiful sock yarn that came in a Peacock-themed box from Unbelievawool
Self-striping goodness
Peacock yarn from Unbelievawool
Assorted sock yarns. I couldn't say no to the stripey one!

Yarn out
  • 129g for a hat
  • 54g for a pair of mitts
  • 403g for an adult-sized jumper
  • 26g for the hats for the twins
  • 56g for the socks

Yarn in: 2250g
Yarn out or used: 2350g
Total: –100g - yes, that's right, more yarn left the house than arrived!

Year to date (halfway through the year!)
Yarn in: 18667g
Yarn out: 6643g
Yarn used: 4384g
Total: 7640g

A much better month in terms of yarn leaving rather than entering the house. I'm hoping to have lots of FOs to show off in next month's Yarnometer, but they'll all be tiny as it's been way too hot so far in July and the concept of knitting anything heavier than socks is a bit alien... I have quite a lot of work to do if I want to get to zero by the end of the year (hint, it's not happening!).

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