Thursday 26 April 2018

Cosy memories, crazy notions

One of my friend's from my local knit night has recently started knitting socks and started to accumulate sock leftovers, so is considering starting a cosy memories blanket (a mitred square garter stitch sock yarn blanket). I've had one these blankets on the go for the past couple of years, which I started on a whim just after I started knitting socks and accumulating leftovers, and add to once in a while when the mood takes me, so when my friend announced she was thinking of starting one, I said I would bring mine along one week.

My cosy memories blanket is not in the current WIPs pile - I had to dig it out of the archived, not really a WIP pile - as it's not one of my favourite projects. It turns out I am really bad at knitting very simple projects and tend to mess up the positions of the decreases, even when I use stitch markers; and I don't even enjoy knitting endless garter stitch, which is essentially what a cosy memories blanket is.

The blanket was duly admired at knit night - I had forgotten how large it had become over the past couple of years - and then left in the current WIP pile while it waited to be returned to its more usual home. Somehow from its new home it started to call to me, and when I finished my Witches Brew socks I found myself inspired to add another square using the leftovers. And enjoyed it. Apparently some degree of mindless knitting is a good palette cleanser (especially during the hectic Easter holidays).

This blanket is full of memories: of people and people and gifts. And when the weather has still failed to turn into spring (unless spring really is just meant to be showers and grey cloud) it's pretty cosy to work under.

I have no idea if or when this blanket will be finished. Does anyone ever finish these things? The cosy memories blanket has had several mentions on the blog since I started it, and I'm sure there will be more, but don't ask after it: be assured that it is still here, and it is still loved, even if it never becomes an actual thing.

Fancy knitting your own? I'm using this pattern for mine.

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