Sunday 18 June 2017

Sitting still and finding shade

Today it is too hot to do anything, including knit, read, cook, in fact anything beyond sitting. In a strange twist of fate I have nothing urgent to knit, so am quite happy to spend a day just sitting. I did sew some buttons on to the short-sleeved sample of my Barley Twist cardigan (pattern coming next month), and that's quite enough work for the time being. I have spent the afternoon sat in the shade at soft play, contemplating ice cream.

My brother has been to visit this weekend, and yesterday we took a picnic to the Bowes Musuem in Barnard Castle. The Bowes Musuem is a building built as a museum and to look like a French chateau, which is a little surreal in Teesdale - certainly not in keeping with the surrounding architecture - and it is an amazing treasure trove of artwork and exhibits, not least the large silver swan automaton that is forms the centre of the collection. The swan was built by clockmakers 245 years ago, and its 30 second sequence is played at 2pm every day; my kids were impressed, which is saying something! The other thing the kids really enjoyed was the kids quiz sheet (possibly because of the promised prize of a lollipop), and they each whizzed round the building looking for the exhibits shown in the clues. Definitely somewhere to go back to another day!

Hopefully my knitting mojo will return in the next day or two. This is the week to think about Christmas knits, so I can get them published in time for the start of September. There's nothing quite like knitting an adult-sized aran-weight jumper in June... For the time being though, if you want me I'll be hiding indoors reading a book.

Stay cool everyone!

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