Monday 5 June 2017

Out of the half term bubble

For the last week I've been living in a half term bubble, with both kids out of school and nursery for the week there's been less time for knitting, and more time for playing. We've been to soft play, visited friends (and had friends to visit), my daughter got to meet a mermaid (ok, an actress dressed as a mermaid, but my daughter is two, so the mermaid was definitely real), I had a pedicure and cocktails with friends, and it's all been lovely.

Half term knitting = vanilla socks. I'm looking forward to something more complex!

Last night I got the hint that we've out of routine for too long - there's no good time to run out of nappies, but on a Sunday after all the shops have shut is a particularly bad one (I did manage to find a couple in one of my rucksacks, so it was all fine, but I really do need to go to the shops). Today we're bumping back to the usual routine: school and nursery runs, being up and dressed before 11, packed lunches and a food shop (and name-tape sewing - with just seven weeks of school left my son has grown out of all of his trousers. I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed that he doesn't need more at the end of the summer holidays!). It's currently raining, but this morning I'll have a couple of hours peace (and no Bubble Guppies or Nexo Knights - the current favourites - in the background). And I'm quite looking forward to that!

Hope you're having a lovely Monday.


I can't post without mentioning the terrorist incident in London this weekend. It could have been any of us involved, any of my friends or family, and my thoughts are with all the victims and their families. I do not have any solutions.

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