Saturday 10 December 2016

Christmas countdown: Days nine and ten

Day nine

Having got the simpler of the two hats to knit for this weekend finished, I was a woman on a mission yesterday, my primary objective being to finish the dragon hat. I managed to finish the hat part on Thursday, and made a decent start on the body section before going to sleep, so thought I had a decent chance of finishing it on time. I didn't. I did however, manage to get all the bits crocheted and started to assemble them.

The advent calendars provided some nicely muted tones for Friday.

I also bought myself a chameleon kit from Toft to knit for myself between Christmas and New Year. I wanted one when they were launched in the summer in a kit with a skein of hand dyed but the price was out of reach. Toft have re-released the kits, but with their wool, which has brought the cost down rather. He's going to look fab!

Day ten

Up early with the children (who never seem to want a lie in when I do), I got up and set about completing the dragon hat. And I did, by 9.40 (except for the braids, which I added after our guests had arrived, as I figured they would prefer it if I was finishing off the hat in front of them, over my answering the door in my dressing gown).

The hat is a feat of engineering. Lots of pieces that are cleverly constructed, then stitched together with the aid of *a lot* of pins. I also used a wooden bowl to mount the hat on while I was stitching the bits together. It looks great finished, and the recipient loves it!

We spent the part of this morning that wasn't spent frantically sewing entertaining friends we've known since my son was tiny. It was lovely to catch up, and we got to enjoy lots of wonderful festive treats.

And the advent calendar came up with a beautiful ball of blue from Opal and some 'woah orange' from Unbelievawool. They clash horrendously and I am not certain I can let them sit next to each other in the blanket! I also noticed when I was fishing for bag 10 that bag 12 will be yielding some neon yellow yarn. apparently this will be the crazy bright section!

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  1. I'm really enjoying seeing the coloyrs you're getting from the advent calendars- especially the Paintbox yarns one since I have it too! I have still too many pastels and neutrals...