Tuesday 12 October 2021

#YarnFriendsRock 2021 - Days 27-30


Last month I joined in the #YarnFriendsRock challenge, hosted by @unicornpuffsandrainbows, @brightbag and @sewing_the_seeds_of_love Every day in September, I posted a picture to my intarsia Instagram account (@VikkiBirdDesigns_Intarsia) around a theme. Don't worry if you missed it, here are my posts for Days 27-30.*

Want to see more of my intarsia work? You can check out my intarsia patterns on Ravelry** and PayHip.


Day 27: Never ending WIP

In 2016, I decided I would turn my sock yarn scraps into a mitred square blanket. I had just started knitting socks, and the leftovers were accumulating quite quickly. I had no idea what I was taking on! Every once in a while I add a few more squares, and the ‘blanket’ is now big enough that working on it in the summer is uncomfortably warm, so knitting sessions are saved for winter when I want a cosy evening or two. Will I ever finish it? Who knows? But I do enjoy adding the odd square here and there.

What’s your never-ending WIP?


Day 28: Add some magic

I shared another little video for this prompt, head over to IG to see it.

A little secret for you… I don’t always add all the details to my intarsia designs using intarsia. Sometimes I use duplicate stitch. Look at the difference adding a face made to Sooty! Actual magic! If only duplicate stitch were actually this fast đŸ˜‚

Pattern is Sooty Baby Set, which was published by Knit Now earlier in the year. Image shared wit permission.




Day 29: Yellow submarine

Sometimes I like a little break from intarsia. I love intarsia, but it does require my full concentration, and sometimes I need something more mindless. My GrĂ¡inne’s Blanket was just what I needed in the summer of 2020: a project simple enough that I could work on it while chatting to friends in a garden, but also complicated enough to maintain my interest. I love the texture, and the colour, the buttery yellow I knitted the sample in - I find the colour so soothing.


Day 30: Colour makes me happy

Yes it does!

If you’re following me, I assume colour makes you happy too. I hope you’ve enjoyed my Yarn Friends Rock posts this month, I’ve really enjoyed sharing them. Which was your favourite?


*Yes, I missed Day 26. It happens!

**Ravelry link. May affect people with photosensitivity. Proceed with caution.

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