Wednesday 23 June 2021

My also-ran Marathon Sock KAL project

At the start of April I cast on my first pair of Marathon Sock KAL socks, aiming to finish the pair in a week. I started with enthusiasm, but they fell by the wayside after a few days when I had knitted just under half a sock.

At the time, I couldn’t work out why I had abandoned my sock sprint socks, but there is always a reason. I was enjoying knitting the pattern, and it looked stunning in the yarn I had chosen (a bold variegated yarn by Felt Fusion). I picked up the socks again last week to work on them, and added a couple of repeats, the heel flap and half the gusset.

I got an odd feeling while I knitted the gusset, and kept staring at the socks, trying to work out what was wrong. I loved them, but there was something I couldn’t quite put my finger on... I was knitting my usual stitch count, on my usual needles, but hadn’t checked gauge before I cast on, and certainly not in pattern, and the sock was coming out too small. I think I had known for a while, but I only acknowledged this after knitting the heel!

What were my options? I could finish them for someone with smaller feet, but the legs are too long, so I’d need to rip back, and that’s a bit of a pain in pattern. Also, this yarn is stunning, and I had chosen it especially to be turned into socks for me, rather than gift socks.

You can guess what I did: I ripped them back and rewound the yarn. I’m planning on casting them on again soon, and have made sure to leave myself a note to cast on the larger size!

What do you do when your socks turn out too small?

Pattern is Three Sirens Socks, you can find full details here.

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