Wednesday 21 April 2021

Socks of Marathons’ past

I love the Marathon Sock KAL. It’s a highlight of my knitting year – I really like having a little push to do some monogamous knitting and actually work a few pairs of socks up from start to finish without distractions. 

The Marathon Sock KAL has varied in length from year to year, depending how busy people are. In 2018 I knitted a lot of socks because it was too hot to go outside while very pregnant, so I sat on the sofa, knitting socks! 

2019 was quieter – I think I must have been busy with other projects, and a fully-mobile toddler. 2019 was also the quickest year for the Marathon Sock KAL – just 91 days, so I probably had a few projects that didn’t quite make it to the finished pile in time!

2020 was a bumper year for my sock-knitting. I did a lot of sample knitting last summer, and had a bit of a pile of socks to show for it. The Marathon Sock KAL took longer last year – a full 156 days, possibly because of pandemic fatigue – I know I spent a lot of last year staring into space, and far more of it than usual looking after children 24/7!

Fingers crossed this year will be a bumper year – I know lots of you have your needles at the ready. How many pairs are you hoping to finish?

Want to find out more about the Marathon Sock KAL? All the details can be found here.

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