Monday 22 February 2021

LooseEndsMAL 2021: One week left to enter!

At the start of the year, I launched the #LooseEndsMAL, a MakeALong (MAL) to encourage you to go and unearth some treasured works in progress (WIPs) and turn them into precious finished objects. If you’re not in love with the WIP anymore, now is the time to let it go! You can read all about the MAL here. This week is your final week to enter!

There are three fabulous prizes that you could win by entering this MAL. In the spirit of the MAL, the yarn portion of the prizes is from my stash – I have so much yarn, that it seems only fair to spread the love a bit! There are also some beautiful, beaded stitch markers donated by JensCraftyCharms – I have several of Jen’s stitch markers in my collection, and I use them a lot, so I really hope the winners enjoy theirs! Each of the three winners will also receive one pattern of their choice from my self-published patterns. Winners will be chosen randomly from all entries received, and will be drawn after the closing date. If you want to see all the prizes in detail, read this post.

How have I been getting on?

I haven’t exclusively worked on older projects, but I have finished a jumper, a pair of socks for my sister, a giant pair of socks, and I’ve made great progress on a more reasonably-sized pair. There has been a lot of project unravelling, and I’ve reclaimed many stitch markers! I posted two large bundles of stash off – one to family and one to charity, and I feel much better about my stash now. I think if I concentrate on working only on my Siren Song socks, I might be able to get them done by the end of the month.

Chuck by Andi Satterlund** (heavily modified); knitted in Drops Nepal in Dark Red
Arcadia socks** by Jo-Anne Klim; knitted in Stylecraft Head Over Heels in Splash

Giant socks! My own pattern (coming soon). Knitted in King Cole Zig Zag in Humbug and Novita Venla in Charcoal

Siren Song socks** by Vikki Bird. Yarn The Wool Kitchen BFL Bamboo 4ply Fingering in Space Cowboy

Want to browse the #LooseEndsMAL entries? The best way is on Instagram – just search for #LooseEndsMAL and you’ll be able to see everyone’s projects.


How to enter?

Use this form to register entries for the #LooseEndsMAL

1. Your entry needs to fit into one of the following categories:A work in progress (WIP) that you have finished

2. A work in progress that you have unravelled, gifted, or disposed of

3. Stash that you have passed on to a new home

4. Something you have repaired to give it a new lease of life

To count as a WIP or stash, you must have started the project/owned the item in or before 2020.

You need to be able to share a link to a photo of the entry - you can host the photo on Ravelry, Instagram, or a photo hosting site, and the photo must be publicly viewable. Alternatively, you may email the photo to me - vikkibirddesigns @ gmail . com (remove the spaces!) By sharing the photo, you agree to me sharing the photo on my Instagram feed and in my Instagram stories (copyright remains with you and credit will be given); if you share the photo by email, let me know whether or not you give permission for me to share the photo.

Entries close at the end of February 28th 2021, all time zones.


If you have long-abandoned WIPs that you need a push to get finished, why not join me in the #LooseEndsMAL, either on Instagram or Ravelry,** or let me know in the comments below what WIPs you want to get finished this year. The #LooseEndsMAL runs until the end of February 2021. For full details on how to enter, read this post.


*Affiliate link.

**Ravelry link; may cause issues to people with photosensitivity.

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