Thursday 17 December 2020

Looking for a Christmas Eve cast-on? Tangles Socks are live!

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From now until 11.59pm GMT, Thursday 24th December 2020, you can get 20% off with the code TANGLES (Ravelry and PayHip only).

Have you come across the concept of a Christmas Eve cast-on? Essentially, you choose a project that you cast on for you on Christmas Eve once all the presents are wrapped and under the tree and you finally get a chance to relax: a gift-knitting free zone! Every year I plan a Christmas Eve cast-on, getting excited about choosing some special yarn from my stash and a beautiful pattern to work from, but I am usually wrapping until the last minute, so for me, a Boxing Day cast-on is a better prospect (Boxing Day is the day after Christmas – it’s a Bank Holiday in the UK)! Whether you want to cast on on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day, I might have just the thing for you: the Tangles Socks!

The Tangles Socks were an organic project for me: I made a few swatches in this yarn before it became these lovely ribbed and cabled socks: each time I tried something new, the yarn steered me in the direction of twisted cables, and squishy rib. The sock told me it wanted to an organic heel that grew out of the ribbing. I’m delighted with the direction the yarn steered me in, and I hope you can find a yarn to make this pattern in that is similarly particular! Maybe you have something really special in your stash that you haven’t assigned to a project yet?

The socks are knitted from the top-down with an all-over 2 x 2 rib and a cable panel to give a comfortable and flexible fit. The socks have a modified-Strong heel that appears to grow out of the ribbing – a bonus of the Strong heel is that you don’t have to pick up any stitches. The toe is created with shaping down each side and is gathered at the end – no need for any pesky Kitchener stitch!

I know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to socks, so the Tangles Socks come in lots of sizes, from tiddly to tremendous, so once you’ve made yourself a pair, you can make some for everyone you know!

The pattern is needle-neutral, so you can knit these socks on your choice of DPNs, short circulars or magic loop.

Want to get your hands on a copy of the pattern? It’s available now in my Ravelry and PayHip stores, and from now until 11.59pm GMT, Thursday 24th December 2020, you can get 20% off with the code TANGLES

The pattern is also available on LoveCrafts.

Want the technical details on the Tangles Socks? You can find them here.

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