Wednesday 11 November 2020

#soywskal2020: Knit yourself some socks this November!

Did you know that as part of #showoffyourwoollysocks2020 I’m also hosting the #soywskal2020?

Over the course of November, I would love everyone to knit a new pair of socks for themselves and wear them on November 30th! This is a gift-knitting free zone! The KAL is taking place on Instagram using the hashtag #soywskal2020, and works in progress are allowed if that increases your chances of having a finished pair of socks by November 30th – this is your chance to finish that pair of socks that started earlier in the year, then put to one side and forgot about!

Want to see my socks for the KAL? Here you go!


I bought this sock yarn earlier in the year. It’s dyed by Stripey Cat Yarns, who sells a fabulous array of hand-dyed self-striping yarns. This yarn is inspired by the cover of the UK edition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and the colours are beautifully autumnal. The yarn is 100% Blue Faced Leicester, a base that is new to me, and feels amazing. Blue Faced Leicester is a long-staple yarn, which resists wear well and is perfect for socks, even without nylon. The high twist increases the wear-resistance, so these socks should wear really well! 

I was hoping to have completed the heel by now, and while I haven’t knitted the heel yet, I’m not far off, so I think I should be able to finish the first sock by the middle of the month, which will put me on course for having a whole pair of socks by the end of November. I’m planning a Fish Lips Kiss Heel, which is worked without a gusset, so maintains the stripe sequence perfectly.

Project bag made by me; Self-isolation knitting club patch by ErisApple

What are you knitting for #soywskal2020? Are you finishing a WIP, or did you cast on something new? I would love to see your sock progress!

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