Wednesday 3 June 2020

Yarn Along: 3rd June 2020: Daffodil stripes

Ooh, June already, no idea how that happened. We've been in lockdown since mid-March, and while lockdown has eased somewhat, I still have all three kids at home, and no longer have any concept of time!

Spring has been glorious: bright sunny days interspersed with more of the same. We've made the most of having a garden, even though it took until last week to finally get round to planting the seeds I bought in March... The sunny spring followed the wettest February on record, so who knows what the summer will hold. We're three days into June, the rain started last night, and it looks like it'll be here for the next couple of weeks at least. Somewhat illadvisedly, I planted those seeds in pots without drainage holes, so I've put them under a waterproof parasol and we'll be checking on them and watering them every day.

Crafting has followed a quick-quick-slow pattern over lockdown. I started well, powering through sewing projects in the first week or so, then slowed dramatically as the kids were sent more structured work from school and required more assistance. I've managed to cut out a lot of sewing projects, and really need to dedicate more time to actually sewing them. One other project that distracted me was facemasks: I've made 29 so far, and have distributed them to local friends, as well as using them myself while in shops where I can't guarantee social distancing. I have many more to sew, but they were held up by a delay in a ribbon delivery; I now have ribbon, so this weekend will be spent sewing another batch.

I can't work out what knitting I've done during lockdown: I've definitely done less than usual, but what I have done is larger work projects that I can't share yet, so it's really hard to gauge (work projects are finished, then promptly sent elsewhere for photography). I have made lamentable progress on socks: they're my out and about project usually, and we haven't had much out and about recently! I did make a pair of socks for my husband's birthday. They're DK weight and went down well - he's requested more, but has a preferecne for 4ply, which take forever for large feet!

My current downtime project is, somewhat predictably, a pair of socks. I decided to cast on some of my precious stash: delightful spring stripes inspired by daffodils. The yarn is dyed by Strawberry Fields Yarns, and I've used some ancient Artesano sock yarn (the company closed several years ago) for the heels, toes and cuffs. I've been working on these socks while on video calls, so opted for a Fish Lips Kiss heel; the sock bit is just knitting round and round with no gusset decreases to get in the way. Recently I'd been knitting self-striping socks as a giant tube, then adding the heels, toes and cuffs at the end, but that makes for very slow progress, and all the fiddly bits happen at once, which isn't always what I want!

In the midst of the recent race demonstrations both in the US and here in the UK, I am finally reading Why I'm no Longer Talking to White People about Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge. I've had this book on my bedside table for ages, but haven't found time to read it. The book covers the black British history and race relations in the UK today. I've lined up a couple of other books about race to read when I've finished reading this one.* I'm also donating 20% of proceeds from my Ravelry store in June to Show Racism the Red Card, a UK-based charity that provides education to combat racism.

Joining in with Ginny for June's Yarn Along.

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