Wednesday 4 December 2019

Love texture, you'll love the Tilted cushion!

Hello! I’m back today to show you the second pattern* I have in issue 110 of Knit Now, which is on sale now.

My Tilted cushion is a gorgeously squishy textured cushion cover, fastened with big buttons across the back. The texture is created using offset garter ridges on a stocking stitch background, so the cushion is easy enough for even a beginner to complete.

The Tilted cushion is knitted as a single strip, which is seamed at the end and fastened with buttons and buttonholes that are knitted at the start and end of the main body of the cushion.

The cushion is knitted using Deramores Studio Chunky, which I hadn’t used before, but will definitely be using again. The yarn is 100% acrylic, machine washable and has a fantastic plump rounded structure that really makes the stitches pop.

The great thing about knitting with chunky weight yarn is that it knits up really fast - you could cast this on today and you’ll definitely have time to make a few before Christmas. The pattern is printed in the supplement that comes with issue 110 of Knit Now magazine, which features plenty of patterns knitted in chunky weight yarn, so even if this pattern isn’t your cup of tea, then there are plenty of other quick and easy options to choose from.

The pattern is available in issue 110 of Knit Now, which is available now. If you live outside the U.K., or can’t find a copy can buy one online, or you can purchase a digital edition.

Want to queue or favourite the pattern on Ravelry? The pattern page can be found here.

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