Thursday 29 November 2018

#showoffyourwoollysocks: Days 16-23

Since the start of November, I've been hosting the #showoffyourwoollysocks hashtag on Instagram as part of Wovember. Here's what I've shared on Days 16 to 23. You can find Days 1 to 7 here, and Days 8 to 15 here.

Day sixteen: Today's pair is knitted from a Regia yarn in one of the Arne and Carlos ranges. The yarn isn't from the Pairfect range, but I still found it really easy to make a matching pair. These socks were knitted from the toe-up with a heel flap and gusset and I love wearing them as they're nice and sturdy and fit really well.

Day seventeen: This is a pair of socks knitted in Knit Picks Felici. The yarn is gorgeous and soft, but I tend not to wear these that much as the pastel stripes look grubby really quickly. These socks have an afterthought heel.

Day eighteen: I think these might be my very favourite socks. They're knitted in the Mind the Gap colourway from Trailing Clouds with heels, toes and cuffs in West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply. I made the stripe sequence go in one direction for the first sock and the opposite direction for the second to maximise the amount of yarn I used without risking a pair of socks offset by just one or two stripes. I used a Fish Lips Kiss heel and knitted these from the cuff-down.

Day nineteen: This was my first pair of socks. The fit isn't perfect, and I had to knit three socks to get a pair, but they represent the beginning of my sock knitting, and I'm proud that they are still wearable. They're knitted cuff-down with a heel flap and gusset and are knitted in West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply in the Blue Tit colourway.

Day 20: Today's socks aren't worn often as they're the sample for my Siren Song pattern. The yarn is a beautiful semi-solid from Phileas Yarns and the colour is amazing, if impossible to photograph well!

Day 21: This slightly strange-looking pair of socks were an early attempt at a short-row heel. They're knitted from the toe-up in some yarn that I dyed using Kool Aid. As knitted, the yarn makes it look as though my toes have had a nasty accident, and the socks are both too big and the legs too short, so overall, not all that successful!

Day 22: I cast this pair of socks on last November, knitted the first one quite quickly, and finally knitted the second one this summer. The yarn is a festive yarn from Unbelievawool that I think is called Jolly Holiday. These socks will have several outings over the course of December.

Day 23: Another pair of stripey socks! These are knitted in a self-striping yarn from Rosie's Moments that I picked up at Yarndale a few years ago. I hadn't worn them in ages as I thought they were a tiny bit too long, but actually they were fine when I wore them last week, so they shall be removed from the fixing pile!

I'll be hosting the hashtag until the end of November (tomorrow), and I'd love for you to join in - keep on using the hashtag after the end of the month every time you want to show off some socks you're proud of. Full details can be found here, or just go to Instagram and post whatever woolly socks you're wearing today! Remember to use the hashtag!

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