Wednesday 20 June 2018

Yarnometer: May 2018

April was excellent for finishing things, but also for accumulating yarn! How did I fair in May?

Projects finished

Starlight Express socks
A pair of socks I'd been working on intermittently for a few months. I was so pleased to get these off the needles! You can read more about them here.

Festive socks
I'd say that these had been on the needles since November, but that would be a lie: I finished the first sock in December, then abandoned it in a project bag! It felt quite good to get the second sock knitted. You can read all about them here.

Socks for my husband
I had decided that I wanted to make my husband some socks for his birthday, and while I didn't have the whole pair done before the big day, I did present him with one, and managed to get the rest of the pair done by the end of the month. As these socks are giant I was really pleased to get them knitted within a calendar month! Their FO Friday post will be coming this Friday.

Two commissions
I can't share these with you yet, but in May I got two magazine commissions off the needles. Hopefully I'll be able to share them with you soon!

The ins and outs of yarn

Yarn in
  • 250g super chunky weight yarn from Love Knitting for review purposes (50g of this is a correction from last month - it hadn't occurred to me that the balls were 100g not 50g)
  • 650g of yarn for a children's jumper
  • 2200g of yarn for an adult size jumper commission (yes, that really is happening)!
  • 200g of beautiful yarn from Oh, for Hooks Sake! This yarn is so cheerful. I suspect it will become socks
  • A 200g yarn box from Unbelievawool; the theme was unicorns and is so pretty!
  • A 100g ball of self-striping birthday cake yarn from Strawberry Fields Yarn
  • A 550g assortment of yarn from Wool Warehouse (Drops had a sale on): aran weight yarn for a Christmas stocking, 100g of yarn for socks, and a selection of aran weight yarn for swatching for a jumper
  • 1000g of yarn for this amazing jumper, which I can't wait to get on the needles
Birthday cake yarn
Unicorn yarn

Yarn out
  • 1800g went to new homes via eBay
  • 76g for the Starlight Express socks
  • 173g for a cowl for a magazine
  • 80g for the festive socks
  • 115g for socks for my husband
  • 131g for a children's jumper

Yarn in: 4150g
Yarn out or used: 2375g
Total: 1775g

Year to date (end of quarter one)
Yarn in: 16417g (!)
Yarn out: 4961g
Yarn used: 3716g
Total: 7740g

I have no idea quite how so much yarn came in over the course of May; quite a large amount was for commissions, and those are slowing down while I prepare for our new baby to arrive. I already know that June looks a bit better, so fingers crossed I don't suddenly buy loads in the final ten days!


  1. Jumper instantly added to my Ravelry queue! Where did you find it?
    I'm currently recuperating and playing with my stash. I'm making up project packs for myself! It's quite fun.

    1. I think I must have seen it on Instagram and absolutely couldn't resist! Who doesn't need a jumper with stars on? I'm hoping to get the yoke knitted before the baby arrives, then I can do the boring stocking stitch in snatched moments when the baby sleeps...

      I love the idea of making project packs. I think the things I have jumper quantities of are all assigned to projects already, which makes it less fun. But there are always skeins of sock yarn to be knitted...

      Hope you're feeling better soon.